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Welcome by Bernhard Young Plants

Young plants grow up

Plants are often at their most beautiful when they are in full bloom. It takes a long time before a plant is that far. Bernhard Young Plants B.V. therefore cultivates bedding, container and half-grown orchids in Luttelgeest, Flevoland for wholesale, exporters and colleague nurseries. Bernhard Young Plants B.V. gives colour and atmosphere to any interior or garden with its plants.


Big in bedding and container plants
Our specialization is bedding and container plants. We cultivate annual types, like the French geranium and Senetti and the container plants Sundaville, Passiflora and Fuchsia. Bernhard Young Plants B.V. has multiple sizes and colours in the assortment. The plants are easy to care for and have a long blooming period.


Half-grown is not half the work

As a service to colleague nurseries that have too little space or expertise for the cultivation of the orchid Phalaenopsis, we cultivate these. The plant is grown for the first six months in a laboratory, after which Bernhard Young Plants B.V. takes over the care. We cultivate the half-grown Phalaenopsis for six months at a temperature of 28 ᴼC. After this vulnerable phase, the plant is strong enough to be brought into bloom by our colleague nurseries. A temperature of 19 ᴼC is desired for this. This period lasts one year.

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